Celebrity fitness trainer Samir Jaura on training Farhan Akhtar for 'Toofaan': There was no VFX involved, all of his looks were attained with dedication - Times of India

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Did you feel inspired by Farhan Akhtar's amazing transformation in ‘Toofaan’ and found yourself wondering how he managed to achieve it? As the sports film continues to make noise, ETimes got in touch with celebrity fitness trainer Samir Jaura who broke down about the actor's regime and how they worked together to help achieve the look for the film. Excerpts from the conversation:
Farhan’s physical transformation was absolutely on point...

The response has been amazing. People are really liking the look. Nobody can deny that he is a real boxer. And all the situations where body transformations were required were perfectly met.
You’ve been Farhan’s guide for almost two decades now. How has your bond with him developed over the years?

It has been amazing. I didn't realize that 17 years have passed by. The bond has grown over the years and it has only become stronger. He has become more like a friend now. The one thing that has remained the same in all the 27 years is when we enter the gym, we are totally dedicated.

Farhan had three distinct looks for the film--the young starry-eyed boxer, the has-been athlete who has let himself go, and then again, a determined boxer. How did you help him achieve these distinct physical attributes?

The first look was when Farhan was really lanky in the movie and he wants to get into boxing so he goes to a coach for that. In the first look, it has been shown that he has started his boxing journey and gradually becoming a little muscular. Then he transforms himself by gaining more muscles as he levels up his boxing game. The second look is when he becomes very muscular. For the third look, he has to become fat because he has been banned from entering the boxing ring and starts leading a regular life by eating a lot and leaving training. These are the three looks that were attained. There was no VFX involved; all of his looks were attained with dedication. He has actually put on a good amount of weight for the third look.

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What was Farhan’s diet like?

Diet plans and training both were different for different looks. For the first look, he focused on high protein intake and low carbs. For the muscular version, both protein and carbs intake was higher with heavy training. For the look where he has become fat, he had to eat heavy meals.

You had previously worked with him for ‘Bhaag Milkha Bhaag’ too. Which film felt more challenging?

I believe every movie comes with a different challenge in itself, so you can't compare. But as per the question, if you compare the two films, then in 'Bhaag Milkha Bhaag', he had to run, which everyone in their life must have done, but in 'Toofaan', he had to box and learn it from scratch, so 'Toofan' was more challenging.

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What does the process of training an actor for a film involve?

It depends on what the film demands. Like in 'Bhaag Milkha Bhaag', Farhan had to look lean and very fit; in 'Toofan', he had three transformations--so, every look has a different approach. The deciding factor is what the script demands and the sketch of the character that an actor has to play on screen.

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