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Covid Vaccine 2nd Dose Online Registration at CoWin Portal, Aarogya Setu, Covid 19 Vaccination Slot Booking for 18+ to 45+ Years old at Certificate Download. Now those have to get shot of Cowin portal Covid Vaccine 1st dose and now waiting for Vaccination 2nd dose registration has been started on CoWin App Portal and Arogya Setu App too. These two applications have websites too. Those who want to apply online through the website can go for it. Covid19 Vaccination 18+ 2nd Dose registration is going on both platforms. A few weeks earlier Government of India announced that individuals of age 18 to 44 can apply for online registration of Covid Vaccination 2nd Dose.

This is clear that Individuals who have been vaccinated Under Cowin Covid Vaccination 1st dose can only sit in the 2nd dose. The predicament is here, many individuals whose age is 18 to 24 are not getting slots for Covid Vaccination in India. Let’s talk about where, How you can book a slot for 2nd dose of Covid Vaccination in India at Moreover, we will put light on How you can book a slot for 1st dose of Covid Vaccination too. The reason is when you get your first job then only you will get the second one.

Covid Vaccine 2nd Dose Registration Online

Before we hop on the procedure of Covid Vaccination 2nd Dose Registration on CoWin App let’s talk about Covid Vaccination before. The government of India has set up many Vaccination Center in various states to start the procedure. If any Individual gets Covid 19 Vaccination Covishield, Covaxin, Sputnik V then there are pretty many chances that they will not catch the infection. Although getting vaccination does not mean that you take safety measures for granted.

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It’s New – After Moderna, Johnson & Johnson Covid Vaccine got approval in India which is effective even in a single dose vaccine. Now many states are allowing entry into the state only with a negative RT-PCR test report or even a single does vaccine certificate. Still, the shortage of vaccines happening across the country is a major obstacle to vaccination. After the approval of the new vaccine, now vaccines of Pfizer, Zydus, etc are also expected to be available in India.

Book 2nd dose for Covid Vaccination

How to book a slot time for 2nd dose of Covid Vaccination through CoWin portal

  • You need to download CoWin App from the Google Play store on your phone.
  • Add the mobile number. An OTP will be generated. Verify your mobile number.
  • Tap on the Vaccination.
  • Fill in your exact age and check the availability of a slot to your nearest vaccination center.
  • All the other details which are needed will be fetched automatically from the Government ID Documents.

Cowin Covid-19 Vaccine Certificate Download

Covid Vaccine Certificate Correction

Latest Update/ News

Many state governments are started camp vaccination facilities to make vaccination convenient, so keep in touch with your local news providers. After 1st Dose, 2nd dose is compulsory for the complete benefits of the Vaccine.

When you can get 2nd dose of Covid Vaccine if got infected even after 1st dose of vaccination?

There is two Covid Vaccination in India. Covishield and Covaxin Vaccination have been proven to protect individuals from getting infected by the virus to an extent. Few cases have been reported in the country that individuals are getting infected even after their 1st dose of Covid Vaccination. Well, the rate of such cases is 0.05% according to Government. Well if you have been infected even after the 1st dose then wait for six to eight weeks to get the 2nd dose of Covid Vaccination. In between the second dose of vaccine if time is getting longer then still no need to worry. Registration for Free Vaccine

Covid 19 Vaccine For Kids in India

The 2nd dose vaccination gap is fixed by the health ministry department as per the vaccine-wise check below.

  • For COVAXIN: Within 28 days to 42 days after the 1st dose.
  • For COVISHIELD: Within 84 days to 112 days after the 1st dose.
  • For SPUTNIK V: Within 21 days to 90 days after the 1st dose.
  • For Moderna: Recommended interval between doses are 28 days but can be extend till 42 Days.
  • For Zydus Cadila Zycov-D (Yet to reveal)

It is proved that protection becomes more stable after the second dose for sure, so must take it upon your turn.

Cowin Covid Vaccine Registration Online For Above 18

Cowin Covid Vaccination 2nd Dose 18+ Registration through Arogya Setu App

Covid 19 Vaccine Registration Arogya Setu App was the first designed by the Indian Government to monitor the cases of Covid-19. Thus, it is mandatory to download the Arogya Setu App for all citizens. Many individuals who are trying to register for 2nd dose of Covaxin/ Covishield are facing problems. Especially those who are 18 to 24 of age? Many slots are occupied by the age group of 25 to 44. Thus here are the steps through which you can register for the 2nd Dose of Covishield/ Covaxin through the Arogya Setu App.

  • You must have downloaded the app from the Google Play store.
  • Register Yourself on the Arogya Setu App by adding your Mobile number and other details too.
  • Now that you will complete the registration. Like the way you have registered for the 1st slot of vaccination, you need to do it in the same way for the 2nd slot.
  • Check the slot available in the nearest vaccination center of your locality.
  • In the same way, book slots for your family members too.

Sputnik V Vaccine Registration Online

FAQ’s for Covid Vaccine 2nd Slot Registration For all Age Group

Some frequently asked questions for 2nd Dose of vaccination are below –

I will be turning 18 years in the next two months, can I register myself for Covid Vaccination?

No, till the time your age is not 18 you cannot register online. But soon you are able to do so.

Is it possible that even after 2nd jab of Covid Vaccination, I can get infected?

See the probability is really less. Even if you get infected, it will help you to fight against it. Even after vaccination if you get infected that will be because of not keeping proper safety measures.

What is the price of Covid Vaccination In India?

There are two vaccination: Covishield and Covaxin. Both range from 600 to 2500 per shot. It varies from state to state and hospital to hospital in India. Well, India has been ranked top in marketing the costliest Covid Vaccination to its citizen.

The State-wise Vaccination Drive for 18+ Years is now open for registration. The candidates who already take 1st Dose of the vaccine now must be prepared for 2nd Dose. Moreover, you also need to first register before taking a second jab for your nearest vaccination center. However, the govt recently increase the time duration between the 1st and 2nd dose. Due to the shortage of vaccines, it is not easy to get vaccinated in the country. If somehow you got the first shot then wait may even longer for the second dose. But it is a must to take at least one dose of vaccination in order to achieve immunity. Any advice can share or questions may ask in the given comment section.

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